3D printing factory for the future

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Building consumer product brands using Futuristic 3D -Printing technology

15000+ 3D printed pen in 30 days

3D Printing Factory for the Future

Building purpose-led brands

Our purpose is to make marvelous products with sustainable manufacturing. To create better design everyday and help people feel good and get more out of life with our brands

"Our products will make it easier for you to be a consumer that lives by your principle"

Nearly every object in modern life has an obfuscated wake of destruction behind it. Where it came from and how it was made – there are many details we are prevented from knowing. And then, when you’re done with the object, there’s an unknowable future. Where does it go when it is discarded? Recycled? Burned? Landfilled? Often we do not, and cannot, know.‍

Shapechimp wants to be the   answer for this problem – providing objects which come with knowledge about how they are made, and a plan for having them unmade. Our hope with Shapechimp is to make products  under different brands that make it easier for you to be a consumer, living by your principles.

A broad range of capabilities

The flexibility of 3D printing means, we can reimagine the entire business model with sustainable as foundation. 3D printing is an exciting frontier with the potential to change the manufacturing industry.

3D printing machine operation in the laboratory

Our Brands


Sustainable lighting
Choose the range of premium lighting products for you home and offices.

Shapelabs ( Launching soon)

Architectural systems.
Extending the lifecycle for materials by increasing the value of product

Hearth (Launching soon)

Home - General Merchandise
Complete range of products to decorate your home

We do OEM for startups

We have the capability to print 15000 parts as small as pen in a month